Life In Focus is a dynamic and proven educational program to assist people in getting their life back in focus through education & empowerment. We have been approved locally through the DCBS office as well as our local court system. It’s proven, let us help you get your life back in focus!

What is Life In Focus Education?
Life In Focus Education, created in 2004, is a charity-based community assistance program that offers training and course studies in Drug Education, Anger Management, Marriage, Finance Management, Grant Writing, and Employment Development.

Where is Life In Focus Education located?
Life In Focus Education headquarters is located in Corpus Christi, TX with locations across the United States. One being right here in Maysville, KY!

How do I contact Life In Focus Education?
Life In Focus Education’s local representative is Denise Browning. You can contact her at (859) 274-5742. You can also email her by completing the form below. She’s located TurningPoint Apostolic Church located at 818 E. Maple Leaf Rd, Maysville, KY 41056. (Across from Maysville Rental & Supply)

Contact Denise Browning (Life In Focus Education’s local representative)